Magnonics in our group

The main subject of the research conducted in our group are magnetic nanostructures and in particular the periodic structures - the so-called magnonic crystals, in which magnetic excitations in the form of the spin waves are observed. Much of our research focuses on the following systems:

  • the multi-component structures in which there are two (or more) materials arranged periodically,
  • the systems of periodic geometry, in which the medium is periodically modulated by changing the thickness, drilling holes or modifying the surface shape,
  • the nonlinear systems in which the magnetic configuration of the medium changes in space - examples of such structures are vortex networks, skyrmions, or magnetic domains.

The group also works on elastic and electromagnetic waves in periodic nanostructures – i.e. phononic crystals and photonic crystals.

Skyrmion alt
Phys. Rev. B, Vol. 93. 2016, pp. 174429