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Andriy E. Serebryannikov

Personal Information:

Position: pracownik naukowy / scientific staff Serebryannikov, Andriy E.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +48 61 829 5060
Location: G 277


  1. Spin-wave Talbot effect in a thin ferromagnetic film
  2. A simple Mie-resonator based meta-array with diverse deflection scenarios enabling multifunctional operation at near-infrared
  3. One-way and near-absolute polarization insensitive near-perfect absorption by using an all-dielectric metasurface
  4. Ultra-Miniature Antennas Combining Subwave-length Resonators and a Very-High-ε Uniform Substrate: the Case of Lithium Niobate
  5. Tunable infrared asymmetric light transmission and absorption via graphene hBN metamaterials
  6. Light guiding, bending, and splitting via local modification of interfaces of a photonic waveguide
  7. Embedded arrays of annular apertures with multiband near-zero-index behavior and demultiplexing capability at near-infrared
  8. VO2-hBN-graphene-based bi-functional metamaterial for mid-infrared bi-tunable asymmetric transmission and nearly perfect resonant absorption
  9. A route to unusually broadband plasmonic absorption spanning from visible to mid-infrared
  10. Tunable deflection and asymmetric transmission of THz waves using a thin slab of graphene-dielectric metamaterial, with and without ENZ components
  11. Temperature-mediated invocation of the vacuum state for switchable ultrawide-angle and broadband deflection
  12. Connection of Collimation, Asymmetric Beaming, and Independent Transmission-Reflection Processes in Concentric-Groove Gratings Supporting Spoof Surface Plasmons
  13. Tailoring far-infrared surface plasmon polaritons of a single-layer graphene using plasmon-phonon hybridization in graphene-LiF heterostructures
  14. Toward Electrically Tunable, Lithography-Free, Ultra-Thin Color Filters Covering the Whole Visible Spectrum
  15. Thermally sensitive scattering of terahertz waves by coated cylinders for tunable invisibility and masking
  16. Characteristic Attributes of Multiple Cascaded Terahertz Metasurfaces with Magnetically Tunable Subwavelength Resonators
  17. Broadband mixing of PT - symmetric and PT -broken phases in photonic heterostructures with a one-dimensional loss/gain bilayer
  18. One-way quasiplanar terahertz absorbers using nonstructured polar dielectric layers
  19. Polarization tunable all-dielectric color filters based on cross-shaped Si nanoantennas
  20. Effects of Dielectric Substrate on Polarization Conversion Using Coupled Metasurfaces With and Without Tunneling
  21. All-Dielectric Metasurfaces Based on Cross-Shaped Resonators for Color Pixels with Extended Gamut
  22. Two types of single-beam deflection and asymmetric transmission in photonic structures without interface corrugations
  23. Single and cascaded, magnetically controllable metasurfaces as terahertz filters
  24. Diffraction inspired unidirectional and bidirectional beam splitting in defect-containing photonic structures without interface corrugations
  25. Multifrequency spatial filtering: A general propertyof two-dimensional photonic crystals
  26. Microwave excitation of spin wave beams in thin ferromagnetic films
  27. All-Angle Collimation for Spin Waves
  28. Dielectric inspired scaling of polarization conversion subwavelength resonances in open ultrathin chiral structures
  29. Effect of in-material losses on terahertz absorption, transmission, and reflection in
  30. Asymmetric transmission in prisms using structures and materials with isotropic-type dispersion
  31. Multiband one-way polarization conversion in complementary split-ring resonator based structures by combining chirality and tunneling
  32. Experimental demonstration of deflection angle tuning in unidirectional fishnet metamaterials at millimeter-waves
  33. One-way absorption of terahertz waves in rod-type and multilayer structures containing polar dielectrics
  34. Wide-angle reflection-mode spatial filtering and splitting with photonic crystal gratings and single-layer rod gratings
  35. Multiple slow waves and relevant transverse transmission and confinement in chirped photonic crystals