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Paweł Gruszecki

Personal Information:

Position: pracownik naukowy / scientific staff Gruszecki, Paweł
Phone: +48 61 829 5059
Location: G 276


  1. Direct Imaging of High‐Frequency Multimode Spin Wave Propagation in Cobalt‐Iron Waveguides Using X‐Ray Microscopy beyond 10 GHz
  2. Spin-wave Talbot effect in a thin ferromagnetic film
  3. Anomalous Refraction of Spin Waves as a Way to Guide Signals in Curved Magnonic Multimode Waveguides
  4. Demonstration of k-vector selective microscopy for nanoscale mapping of higher order spin wave modes
  5. Direct observation of spin-wave focusing by a Fresnel lens
  6. The influence of the internal domain wall structure on spin wave band structure in periodic magnetic stripe domain patterns
  7. From 2D planar magnonic crystals to 3D magnonic crystals, Chapter 2 in 'Three-Dimensional Magnonics'
  8. Spin wave collimation using a flat metasurface
  9. Spin-wave beam propagation in ferromagnetic thin films with graded refractive index: Mirage effect and prospective applications
  10. Azimuthal spin-wave excitations in magnetic nanodots over the soliton background: Vortex, Bloch, and Néel-like skyrmions
  11. Goos–Hänchen Shift of a Spin-Wave Beam at the Interface Between Two Ferromagnets
  12. The switching of strong spin wave beams in patterned garnet films
  13. Polarization tunable all-dielectric color filters based on cross-shaped Si nanoantennas
  14. Magnonic band structure in a Co/Pd stripe domain system investigated by Brillouin light scattering and micromagnetic simulations
  15. Goos-Haenchen shift of a spin-wave beam transmitted through anisotropic interface between two ferromagnets
  16. Spin-Wave Optics In Patterned Garnet (chapter in "Spin Wave Confinement (Second Edition) - Propagating Waves")
  17. Nonreciprocal properties of GHz frequency surface spin waves in nanopatterned ferromagnetic films
  18. Collective dynamical skyrmion excitations in a magnonic crystal
  19. Magnonic crystals in Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  20. Microwave excitation of spin wave beams in thin ferromagnetic films
  21. All-Angle Collimation for Spin Waves
  22. Magnonic crystals—prospective structures for shaping spin waves in nanoscale
  23. Influence of magnetic surface anisotropy on spin wave reflection from the edge of ferromagnetic film
  24. Universal dependence of the spin wave band structure on the geometrical characteristics of two-dimensional magnonic crystals
  25. Spin-wave dynamics in permalloy/cobalt magnonic crystals in the presence of a nonmagnetic spacer
  26. Goos-Hänchen effect and bending of spin wave beams in thin magnetic films
  27. Optically induced spin wave dynamics in [Co/Pd]8 antidot lattices with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy