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Mateusz Zelent

Personal Information:

Position: doktorant / phd student Zelent, Mateusz
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone: +48 61 829 5060


  1. Controlled motion of skyrmions in a magnetic antidot lattice
  2. Direct observation of spin-wave focusing by a Fresnel lens
  3. Edge localization of spin waves in antidot multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  4. Formation of Néel-type skyrmions in an antidot lattice with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  5. Magnons in a Quasicrystal: Propagation, Extinction, and Localization of Spin Waves in Fibonacci Structures
  6. Spin-Wave Phase Inverter upon a Single Nanodefect
  7. Spin wave collimation using a flat metasurface
  8. Exchange spin waves transmission through the interface between two antiferromagnetically coupled ferromagnetic media
  9. Reprogrammability and scalability of magnonic fibonacci quasicrystals
  10. Remagnetization in arrays of ferromagnetic nanostripes with periodic and quasiperiodic order
  11. Driving Magnetization Dynamics in an On-Demand Magnonic Crystal via the Magnetoelastic Interactions
  12. Co- and contra-directional vertical coupling between ferromagnetic layers with grating for short-wavelength spin wave generation
  13. Control of the Spin Wave Phase in Transmission through the Ultrathin Interface between Exchange Coupled Ferromagnetic Materials
  14. The Resonant Dynamic Magnetization Distribution in Ferromagnetic Thin Film with the Antidot
  15. Bi-Stability of Magnetic Skyrmions in Ultrathin Multilayer Nanodots Induced by Magnetostatic Interaction
  16. Geometrical complexity of the antidots unit cell effect on the spin wave excitations spectra
  17. Magnetization reversal mechanism in patterned (square to wave-like) Py antidot lattices
  18. Collective dynamical skyrmion excitations in a magnonic crystal