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Maciej Krawczyk

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Position: pracownik naukowy / scientific staff Krawczyk, Maciej
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Phone: +48 61 829 5060
Location: G 277


  1. Bimeron clusters in chiral antiferromagnets
  2. Direct Imaging of High‐Frequency Multimode Spin Wave Propagation in Cobalt‐Iron Waveguides Using X‐Ray Microscopy beyond 10 GHz
  3. Spin-wave Talbot effect in a thin ferromagnetic film
  4. Spin-Wave Diode and Circulator Based on Unidirectional Coupling
  5. Anomalous Refraction of Spin Waves as a Way to Guide Signals in Curved Magnonic Multimode Waveguides
  6. Demonstration of k-vector selective microscopy for nanoscale mapping of higher order spin wave modes
  7. Direct observation of spin-wave focusing by a Fresnel lens
  8. Edge localization of spin waves in antidot multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  9. Spin-wave spectroscopy of individual ferromagnetic nanodisks
  10. Interaction between Thermal Magnons and Phonons in a CoFeB/Au Multilayer
  11. Influence of nonmagnetic dielectric spacers on the spin-wave response of one-dimensional planar magnonic crystals
  12. Reversible tuning of omnidirectional band gaps in two-dimensional magnonic crystals by magnetic field and in-plane squeezing
  13. Standing spin waves in perpendicularly magnetized triangular dots
  14. Spin-polarized currents driven by spin-dependent surface screening
  15. Formation of Néel-type skyrmions in an antidot lattice with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  16. The influence of the internal domain wall structure on spin wave band structure in periodic magnetic stripe domain patterns
  17. Visualizing nanoscale spin waves using MAXYMUS
  18. Light guiding, bending, and splitting via local modification of interfaces of a photonic waveguide
  19. From 2D planar magnonic crystals to 3D magnonic crystals, Chapter 2 in 'Three-Dimensional Magnonics'
  20. Embedded arrays of annular apertures with multiband near-zero-index behavior and demultiplexing capability at near-infrared
  21. Magnons in a Quasicrystal: Propagation, Extinction, and Localization of Spin Waves in Fibonacci Structures
  22. Spin-Wave Phase Inverter upon a Single Nanodefect
  23. Spin wave collimation using a flat metasurface
  24. Non-uniform spin wave softening in 2D magnonic crystals as a tool for opening omnidirectional magnonic band gaps
  25. Exchange spin waves transmission through the interface between two antiferromagnetically coupled ferromagnetic media
  26. Reprogrammability and scalability of magnonic fibonacci quasicrystals
  27. Remagnetization in arrays of ferromagnetic nanostripes with periodic and quasiperiodic order
  28. Inelastic spin-wave scattering by bloch domain wall flexure oscillations
  29. Spin wave modes in a cylindrical nanowire in crossover dipolarexchange regime
  30. Magnonic band gap and mode hybridization in continuous permalloy films induced by vertical dynamic coupling with an array of permalloy ellipses
  31. Goos–Hänchen effect for Brillouin light scattering by acoustic phonons
  32. Spin-wave dynamics in artificial anti-spin-ice systems: Experimental and theoretical investigations
  33. Co- and contra-directional vertical coupling between ferromagnetic layers with grating for short-wavelength spin wave generation
  34. Excitation of Bulk Spin Waves by Acoustic Wave at the Plane Defect of a Ferromagnet
  35. Control of the Spin Wave Phase in Transmission through the Ultrathin Interface between Exchange Coupled Ferromagnetic Materials
  36. The Resonant Dynamic Magnetization Distribution in Ferromagnetic Thin Film with the Antidot
  37. Spin-wave beam propagation in ferromagnetic thin films with graded refractive index: Mirage effect and prospective applications
  38. Azimuthal spin-wave excitations in magnetic nanodots over the soliton background: Vortex, Bloch, and Néel-like skyrmions
  39. Goos–Hänchen Shift of a Spin-Wave Beam at the Interface Between Two Ferromagnets
  40. Faraday Effect in Bi-Periodic Photonic-Magnonic Crystals
  41. Goos-Hänchen effect in light transmission through biperiodic photonic-magnonic crystals
  42. Bi-Stability of Magnetic Skyrmions in Ultrathin Multilayer Nanodots Induced by Magnetostatic Interaction
  43. Spin-wave nonreciprocity and magnonic band structure in a thin permalloy film induced by dynamical coupling with an array of Ni stripes
  44. The switching of strong spin wave beams in patterned garnet films
  45. Polarization tunable all-dielectric color filters based on cross-shaped Si nanoantennas
  46. Magnonic band structure in a Co/Pd stripe domain system investigated by Brillouin light scattering and micromagnetic simulations
  47. Coupled-mode theory for the interaction between acoustic waves and spin waves in magnonic-phononic crystals: Propagating magnetoelastic waves
  48. Spin waves in periodic antidot waveguide of complex base
  49. All-Dielectric Metasurfaces Based on Cross-Shaped Resonators for Color Pixels with Extended Gamut
  50. Geometrical complexity of the antidots unit cell effect on the spin wave excitations spectra
  51. Broadband magnetoelastic coupling in magnonic-phononic crystals for high-frequency nanoscale spin-wave generation
  52. Spin excitation spectrum in a magnetic nanodot with continuous transitions between the vortex, Bloch-type skyrmion, and N´eel-type skyrmion states
  53. Goos-Haenchen shift of a spin-wave beam transmitted through anisotropic interface between two ferromagnets
  54. Magnetization reversal mechanism in patterned (square to wave-like) Py antidot lattices
  55. Spin-Wave Optics In Patterned Garnet (chapter in "Spin Wave Confinement (Second Edition) - Propagating Waves")
  56. Nonreciprocal properties of GHz frequency surface spin waves in nanopatterned ferromagnetic films
  57. Complex waveguide based on a magneto-optic layer and a dielectric photonic crystal
  58. Four-layer nanocomposite structure as an effective optical waveguide switcher for near-IR regime
  59. Confined states in photonic-magnonic crystals with complex unit cell
  60. Influence of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction on the FMR spectrum of magnonic crystals and confined structures
  61. Collective dynamical skyrmion excitations in a magnonic crystal
  62. Spin wave damping in periodic and quasiperiodic magnonic structures
  63. Magnonic Crystals: From Simple Models Toward Applications
  64. Magnonic crystals in Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  65. Microwave excitation of spin wave beams in thin ferromagnetic films
  66. All-Angle Collimation for Spin Waves
  67. Magnonic crystals—prospective structures for shaping spin waves in nanoscale
  68. Spin waves in one-dimensional bicomponent magnonic quasicrystals
  69. Influence of magnetic surface anisotropy on spin wave reflection from the edge of ferromagnetic film
  70. Universal dependence of the spin wave band structure on the geometrical characteristics of two-dimensional magnonic crystals
  71. Spin-wave dynamics in permalloy/cobalt magnonic crystals in the presence of a nonmagnetic spacer
  72. Nonreciprocity of edge modes in 1D magnoniccrystal
  73. Magnonic Bandgaps in Metalized 1-D YIG Magnonic Crystals
  74. Spin Waves and Electromagnetic Waves in Photonic-Magnonic Crystals
  75. Observation of magnonic band gaps in magnonic crystals with nonreciprocal dispersion relation
  76. Optically induced spin wave dynamics in [Co/Pd]8 antidot lattices with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
  77. Photonic-magnonic crystals: Multifunctional periodic structures for magnonic and photonic applications
  78. Nonreciprocal dispersion of spin waves in ferromagnetic thin films covered with a finite-conductivity metal
  79. Review and prospects of magnonic crystals and devices with reprogrammable band structure
  80. Effects of the competition between the exchange and dipolar interactions in the spin-wave spectrum of two-dimensional circularly magnetized nanodots
  81. Magnonic band structure, complete bandgap, and collective spin wave excitation in nanoscale two-dimensional magnonic crystals
  82. Influence of structural changes in a periodic antidot waveguide on the spin-wave spectra
  83. Magnonic band structures in two-dimensional bi-component magnonic crystals with in-plane magnetization
  84. Nonreciprocity of spin waves in metallized
  85. Magnonic Band Engineering by Intrinsic and Extrinsic Mirror Symmetry Breaking in Antidot Spin-Wave Waveguides
  86. Spin Wave Dispersion in Permalloy Antidot Array With Alternating Holes Diameter
  87. Standing spin waves in magnonic crystals
  88. Reciprocal Damon-Eshbach-type spin wave excitation in a magnonic crystal due to tunable magnetic symmetry
  89. Proposal for a standard micromagnetic problem: Spin wave dispersion in a magnonic waveguide
  90. Spin wave localization and softening in rod-shaped magnonic crystals with different terminations
  91. The effect of magnetization pinning on the spectrum of spin waves in magnonic antidot waveguides
  92. Investigation of spin wave damping in three-dimensional magnonic crystals using the plane wave method
  93. Stability of the Landau state in square two-dimensional magnetic nanorings
  94. Large magnonic band gaps and spectra evolution in three-dimensional magnonic crystals based on magnetoferritin nanoparticles
  95. Forbidden Band Gaps in the Spin-Wave Spectrum of a Two-Dimensional Bicomponent Magnonic Crystal
  96. On the Formulation of the Exchange Field in the Landau-Lifshitz Equation for Spin-Wave Calculation in Magnonic Crystals
  97. Huge Goos-Hänchen effect for spin waves: A promising tool for study magnetic properties at interfaces
  98. Mode conversion from quantized to propagating spin waves in a rhombic antidot lattice supporting spin wave nanochannels
  99. Towards high-frequency negative permeability using magnonic crystals in metamaterial design
  100. The impact of the lattice symmetry and the inclusion shape on the spectrum of 2D magnonic crystals
  101. The effect of interface modulation on phononic band gaps for longitudinal
  102. Spin-Wave Band Structure in 2DMagnonic Crystals with Elliptically Shaped Scattering Centres
  103. Metamaterial/Magnonic Metamaterials
  104. Time-resolved measurement of spin-wave spectra in CoO capped [Co(t)/Pt(7Å)]n-1 Co(t) multilayer systems
  105. Calculation of the spin-wave spectra in planar magnonic crystals with metallic overlayers
  106. Tuning of the spin-wave band structure in 2D magnetic composites
  107. Magnonic crystals and their metamaterials properties - theoretical considerations
  108. Semiconductor Solar Cells - New Aspects and Solutions / Superlattice-Based Intermediate-Band Solar Cells
  109. The magnetostatic modes in planar one-dimensional magnonic crystals with nanoscale sizes
  110. The effect of the single-spin defect on the stability of the in-plane vortex state in 2D magnetic nanodots
  111. Magnonic minibands in antidot lattices with large spin-wave propagation velocities
  112. Tunable metamaterial response of a Ni80Fe20 antidot lattice for spin waves
  113. Bulk and edge modes in two-dimensional magnonic crystal slab
  114. Calculation of spin wave spectra in magnetic nanograins and patterned multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy