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Sławomir Mamica

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Position: pracownik naukowy / scientific staff Mamica, Sławomir
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Phone: +48 61 829 5059
Location: G 276


  1. Influence of nonmagnetic dielectric spacers on the spin-wave response of one-dimensional planar magnonic crystals
  2. Reversible tuning of omnidirectional band gaps in two-dimensional magnonic crystals by magnetic field and in-plane squeezing
  3. From 2D planar magnonic crystals to 3D magnonic crystals, Chapter 2 in 'Three-Dimensional Magnonics'
  4. Non-uniform spin wave softening in 2D magnonic crystals as a tool for opening omnidirectional magnonic band gaps
  5. Spin-wave dynamics in artificial anti-spin-ice systems: Experimental and theoretical investigations
  6. Spin Wave Excitations of the Interacting Two-Dimensional In-Plane Nano-Vortices
  7. Spin-wave dynamics in the presence of magnetic vortices
  8. Magnetoferritin Nanoparticles as a Promising Building Blocks for Three-Dimensional Magnonic Crystals
  9. In-Plane Magnetic Vortices in Two-Dimensional Nanodots
  10. Influence of the next-nearest neighbor exchange interaction on the thin-film spin-wave spectrum
  11. Tailoring dynamic magnetic characteristics of Fe60Al40 films through ion irradiation
  12. Propagation Effects in the Spin-Wave Spectrum of the Ferromagnetic Thin Film
  13. Vortices in two-dimensional nanorings studied by means of the dynamical matrix method
  14. Magnonic crystals—prospective structures for shaping spin waves in nanoscale
  15. Special Modes in Spin Wave Spectra of Two-Dimensional Nanodots
  16. Dynamic effects on the spin-wave spectrum of the bcc thin film
  17. Effects of the competition between the exchange and dipolar interactions in the spin-wave spectrum of two-dimensional circularly magnetized nanodots
  18. Spin-wave spectra and stability of the in-plane vortex state in two-dimensional magnetic nanorings
  19. Magnonic band structures in two-dimensional bi-component magnonic crystals with in-plane magnetization
  20. Tailoring of the partial magnonic gap in three-dimensional magnetoferritin-based magnonic crystals
  21. Vortex polarization dynamics in a square magnetic nanodot
  22. Stabilization of the in-plane vortex state in two-dimensional circular nanorings
  23. Investigation of spin wave damping in three-dimensional magnonic crystals using the plane wave method
  24. Stability of the Landau state in square two-dimensional magnetic nanorings
  25. Large magnonic band gaps and spectra evolution in three-dimensional magnonic crystals based on magnetoferritin nanoparticles
  26. On the Formulation of the Exchange Field in the Landau-Lifshitz Equation for Spin-Wave Calculation in Magnonic Crystals
  27. The impact of the lattice symmetry and the inclusion shape on the spectrum of 2D magnonic crystals
  28. Spin-Wave Band Structure in 2DMagnonic Crystals with Elliptically Shaped Scattering Centres
  29. Metamaterial/Magnonic Metamaterials
  30. Time-resolved measurement of spin-wave spectra in CoO capped [Co(t)/Pt(7Å)]n-1 Co(t) multilayer systems
  31. Calculation of the spin-wave spectra in planar magnonic crystals with metallic overlayers
  32. Tuning of the spin-wave band structure in 2D magnetic composites
  33. Magnonic crystals and their metamaterials properties - theoretical considerations
  34. The effect of the single-spin defect on the stability of the in-plane vortex state in 2D magnetic nanodots
  35. Tunable metamaterial response of a Ni80Fe20 antidot lattice for spin waves
  36. Calculation of spin wave spectra in magnetic nanograins and patterned multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy