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All-Dielectric Metasurfaces Based on Cross-Shaped Resonators for Color Pixels with Extended Gamut

Research Area: Plasmonics and photonics Year: 2017
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: color filters, metasurfaces
Journal: ACS Photonics
Printing technology based on plasmonic structures has many advantages over pigment-based color printing such as high resolution, ultracompact size, and low power consumption. However, due to high losses and broad resonance behavior of metals in the visible spectrum, it becomes challenging to produce well-defined colors. Here, we investigate cross-shaped dielectric nanoresonators, which enable high-quality resonances in the visible spectral regime and, hence, high-quality colors. We numerically predict and experimentally demonstrate that the proposed all-dielectric nanostructures exhibit high-quality colors with selective wavelengths, in particular, due to lower losses as compared to metalbased plasmonic filters. This results in fundamental colors (RGB) with high hue and saturation. We further show that a large gamut of colors can be achieved by selecting the appropriate length and width of individual Si nanoantennas. Moreover, the proposed all-dielectric metasurface-based color filters can be integrated with the well-matured fabrication technology of electronic devices.
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