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Spin waves in periodic antidot waveguide of complex base

Obszar badań: Magnonics Rok: 2017
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł Słowa kluczowe: spin waves, waveguide, band gaps, periodic structure, dispersion relation
Czasopismo: J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. Wolumin: 50
Strony: 275003
We consider the planar magnonic waveguide with a periodic sequence of antidots forming a zig-zag pattern, where two neighboring antidots are shifted towards the opposite edges of the waveguide. This system has a complex base with two antidots in one unit cell. The Brillouin zone is here two-times narrower than the Brillouin zone for the waveguide without displacement of antidots. We have shown that for dispersion relation folded into a narrower Brillouin zone, a new frequency gap can be opened and their width can be controlled by the shift of the antidots. We found that the different strength of spin wave pinning at the edges of the periodic waveguide (and their antidots) determines the dependence of the width of gap on the shift of antidots. For the systems with completely free or ideally pinned magnetization, these dependencies are qualitatively different. We have found an optimum shift of antidot for maximizing the width of the gap for the system with pinned magnetization. More interestingly, we notice that for this kind of geometry of the structure, the majority of the modes are doubly degenerate at the edge of Brillouin zone and have a finite group velocity at the very close vicinity of the edge of Brillouin zone, for larger values of antidot shift. This empowers us to design a magnonic waveguide to steer the spin waves.
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