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The Resonant Dynamic Magnetization Distribution in Ferromagnetic Thin Film with the Antidot

Research Area: Spin waves and interactions Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Spin wave excitations, antidot, magnonics
Journal: Acta Physica Polonica A Volume: 133
Pages: 492
The influence of homogeneous dynamic microwave magnetic field applied to the permalloy (Py) thin film with a single circular antidot on the magnetization dynamics was theoretically investigated. It was considered that the Py film is saturated by the external constant magnetic field along the direction perpendicular to the film plane. The linearized Landau-Lifshitz equation was applied in order to create an analytical model of small deviations from the equilibrium values of the magnetization and magnetic field. Conditions of the local ferromagnetic resonances were defined and the dependency of resonance frequency on the magnetic field magnitude was visualized. The model has shown that the amplitude of the resonant magnetization oscillations is localized near the antidot edge and their position is dependent on the frequency.
Proceedings of the European Conference Physics of Magnetism, Poznan 2017
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