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Control of the Spin Wave Phase in Transmission through the Ultrathin Interface between Exchange Coupled Ferromagnetic Materials

Research Area: Magnonics Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: magnonics, spin waves, phase shift
Journal: Acta Physica Polonica A Volume: 133
Pages: 480
In this paper, we show analytically and numerically, that the ultrathin metallic layer up to few monatomic layers separating two ferromagnetic media, which are exchange coupled, can effectively change the phase of the reflected or transmitted spin waves. Taking into account ground states with parallel orientations of the magnetization vectors, we developed the analytical model, which shows the possibility of spin-wave phase control by varying the exchange coupling strength between two ferromagnets. Moreover, we demonstrate with micromagnetic simulations that the effect still exists for the spin waves propagating in thin ferromagnetic film during the reflection or transmission from the interface, where interlayer exchange interactions are present.
Proceedings of the European Conference Physics of Magnetism, Poznan 2017
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