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Co- and contra-directional vertical coupling between ferromagnetic layers with grating for short-wavelength spin wave generation

Research Area: Spin waves and interactions Year: 2018
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: magnonics, magnetization dynamics, directional couplers, spin waves
Journal: New Journal of Physics Volume: 20
Pages: 053021
The possibility to generate short spin waves (SWs) is of great interest in the field of magnonics nowadays. We present an effective and technically affordable way of conversion of long SWs, which may be generated by conventional microwave antenna, to the short, sub-micrometer waves. It is achieved by grating-assisted resonant dynamic dipolar interaction between two ferromagnetic layers separated by some distance. We analyze criteria for the optimal conversion giving a semi-analytical approach for the coupling coefficient. We show by the numerical calculations the efficient energy transfer between layers which may be either of co-directional or contra-directional type. Such a system may operate either as a short spin wave generator or a frequency filter, moving forward possible application of magnonics.
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