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Driving Magnetization Dynamics in an On-Demand Magnonic Crystal via the Magnetoelastic Interactions

Obszar badań: Spin waves and interactions Rok: 2018
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł
Czasopismo: Phys. Rev. Applied Wolumin: 10
Strony: 064051
Using spatial light interference of ultrafast laser pulses, we generate a lateral modulation in the magnetization profile of an otherwise uniformly magnetized film, whose magnetic excitation spectrum is monitored via the coherent and resonant interaction with elastic waves. We find an unusual dependence of the magnetoelastic coupling as the externally applied magnetic field is angle- and field-tuned relative to the wave vector of the magnetization modulation, which can be explained by the emergence of spatially inhomogeneous spin-wave modes. In this regard, the spatial light interference methodology can be seen as a user-configurable, temporally windowed, on-demand magnonic crystal, potentially of arbitrary two-dimensional shape, which allows control and selectivity of the spatial distribution of spin waves. Calculations of spin waves using a variety of methods, demonstrated here using the plane-wave method and micromagnetic simulation, can identify the spatial distribution and associated energy scales of each excitation, which opens the door to a number of excitation methodologies beyond our chosen elastic wave excitation.
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