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Inelastic spin-wave scattering by bloch domain wall flexure oscillations

Obszar badań: Spin waves and interactions Rok: 2019
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł Słowa kluczowe: spin wave, scattering, domain walls
  • N. N. Dadoyenkova
  • Y. S. Dadoyenkova
  • I. L. Lyubchanskii
  • Maciej Krawczyk
  • K. Y. Guslienko
Czasopismo: Physica Status Solidi - RRL Wolumin: 2019
Strony: 1800589
The calculations of the inelastic spin wave scattering by flexure vibrations of the Bloch domain wall (Winter’s magnons) in thin magnetic films are presented. The approach is based on the interaction of the propagating spin waves with the dynamical emergent electromagnetic field generated by the moving inhomogeneous magnetization texture (domain wall). The probability of the spin wave scattering for the Winter’s magnon emission and absorption processes essentially rises with the spin wave scattering angle increase up to 90. The angular dependence of the scattering probability is essentially stronger for the magnon absorption processes that allow distinguishing these elementary emission/absorption processes experimentally.
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