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Remagnetization in arrays of ferromagnetic nanostripes with periodic and quasiperiodic order

Research Area: Spin waves and interactions Year: 2019
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: quasicrystals, remagnetization
Journal: Phys. Rev. B Volume: 99
Pages: 064412
We investigate experimentally and theoretically the magnetization reversal process in one-dimensional magnonic structures composed of permalloy nanostripes of the two different widths and finite length arranged in a periodic and quasiperiodic order. We showed that dipolar coupling between rectangular nanostripes is significantly reduced as compared to the analytical and numerical predictions, probably due to formation of the closure domains at the nanostripe ends. Although the main feature of the hysteresis loop is determined by different shape anisotropies of the component elements and the dipolar interactions between them, the quasiperiodic order influences the hysteresis loop by introducing additional tiny switching steps and change of the plateau width. We also showed that the dipolar interactions between nanostripes forming a ribbon can be counterintuitively decreased by reduction of the distance between the neighboring ribbons.
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