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Exchange spin waves transmission through the interface between two antiferromagnetically coupled ferromagnetic media

Obszar badań: Magnonics Rok: 2019
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł Słowa kluczowe: spin waves, magnonics, RKKY, phase control
Czasopismo: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials Wolumin: 484
Strony: 484
With increasing demand for miniaturization in computational and communication technologies, the ability to control spin wave amplitude and phase attract considerable attention, due to prospect of magnonics for valuable decrease of consumed energy with increased functionality of devices. In our paper we theoretically investigate spin wave propagation in the system of two antiferromagnetically coupled magnetic media separated with an ultrathin nonmagnetic interface layer. We propose to use this specially designed interface to perform control over the phase and the intensity of the transmitted spin waves. Our results show, that the interface with varying exchange coupling parameter can be treated as a metasurface, which can offer a change of the spin wave phase between transmitted and incident waves in the range from pi/2 to pi/2. In particular we show, that a positive shift correlates with the lower and the negative phase shift with higher transmittance. Moreover, we show that the phase shift can be controlled by the external magnetic field.
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