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Non-uniform spin wave softening in 2D magnonic crystals as a tool for opening omnidirectional magnonic band gaps

Obszar badań: Magnonics Rok: 2019
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł
Czasopismo: Phys. Rev. Applied Wolumin: 11
Number: 5 Strony: 054011
By means of the plane-wave method we study spin-wave dynamics in two-dimensional bicomponent magnonic crystals based on a squeezed hexagonal lattice and consist of a permalloy thin film with cobalt inclusions. We explore the dependence of a spin-wave frequency on the external magnetic field, especially in weak fields where the mode softening takes place. For considered structures, the mode softening proves to be highly nonuniform on both the mode number and the wave vector. We find this effect to be responsible for the omnidirectional band gap opening. Moreover, we show that the enhancement of the demagnetizing field caused by the squeezing of the structure is of crucial importance for the nonuniform mode softening. This allows us to employ this mechanism to design magnonic gaps with different sensitivity for the tiny change of the external field. The effects we find should be useful in designing and optimization of spin-wave filters highly tunable by an external magnetic field.
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