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Spin-Wave Phase Inverter upon a Single Nanodefect

Research Area: Spin waves and interactions Year: 2019
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: spin waves, magnonics, phase inverter
Journal: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces Volume: 11
Pages: 17654
Local modification of magnetic properties of nanoelements is a key to design future-generation magnonic devices in which information is carried and processed via spin waves. One of the biggest challenges here is to fabricate simple and miniature phase-controlling elements with broad tunability. Here, we successfully realize such spin-wave phase shifters upon a single nanogroove milled by a focused ion beam in a Co−Fe microsized magnonic waveguide. By varying the groove depth and the in-plane bias magnetic field, we continuously tune the spin-wave phase and experimentally evidence a complete phase inversion. The microscopic mechanism of the phase shift is based on the combined action of the nanogroove as a geometrical defect and the lower spin-wave group velocity in the waveguide under the groove where the magnetization is reduced due to the incorporation of Ga ions during the ion-beam milling. The proposed phase shifter can easily be on-chip integrated with spin-wave logic gates and other magnonic devices. Our findings are crucial for designing nanomagnonic circuits and for the development of spin-wave nano-optics.
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