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Embedded arrays of annular apertures with multiband near-zero-index behavior and demultiplexing capability at near-infrared

Obszar badań: Plasmonics and photonics Rok: 2019
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł Słowa kluczowe: near-zero index, demultiplexing
Czasopismo: Optical Materials Express Wolumin: 9
Strony: 3169
In this paper, we study transmission through the embedded arrays of subwavelength annular apertures at near-infrared. Single, i.e. non-embedded arrays of annular holes are known for their capability for high-efficiency transmission even through rather thick apertures in a wide frequency range, extending from microwaves to the visible. In the suggested structures, which contain up to four embedded arrays, multiband operation can be obtained, so that each array is mainly responsible for one of four transmission bands. In such a way, a demultiplexing-like functionality can be realized, i.e. the desired parts of the incident-wave spectrum are distributed between several transmission channels. In the studied structures, we obtain (nearly) zero phase advancement and that indicates near-zero-index behavior at the expected propagation thresholds of plasmonic modes in the frequency domain. Therefore, the earlier developed concept of supercoupling and squeezing into very narrow waveguide channels is applicable to the studied structures. The number of near-zero-index bands is determined by the number of the embedded arrays. The effects of thickness, width of the slits, and permittivity of the filling material are numerically studied and discussed in detail. It is shown that multiband transmission may exist in the near-zero-index regime in a very wide range of parameter variations.
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