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Visualizing nanoscale spin waves using MAXYMUS

Obszar badań: Spin waves and interactions Rok: 2019
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł Słowa kluczowe: spin waves, visualisation
Czasopismo: Proc. SPIE 11090, Spintronics XII Wolumin: XII
Strony: 1109025
Magnonics research, i.e. the manipulation of spin waves for information processing, is a topic of intense research interest in the past years. FMR, BLS and MOKE measurements lead to tremendous success and advancement of the eld. However, these methods are limited in their spatial resolution. X-ray microscopy opens up a way to push to spatial resolutions below 100 nm. Here, we discuss the methodology of STXM for pump-probe data acquisition with single photon counting and arbitrary excitation patterns. Furthermore, we showcase these capabilities using two magnonic crystals as examples: an antidot lattice and a Fibonacci quasicrystal.
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