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Standing spin waves in perpendicularly magnetized triangular dots

Research Area: Spin waves and interactions Year: 2019
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: triangle, spin waves
  • J. Kharlan
  • P. Bondarenko
  • Maciej Krawczyk
  • O. Salyuk
  • E. Tartakovskaya
  • A. Trzaskowska
  • V. Golub
Journal: Physical Review B Volume: 100
Pages: 184416
Standing spin waves in triangular dots (truncated pyramids) were investigated both experimentally and theoretically. Arrays of nickel triangular pyramids with the base side of 270 nm and height of 70 nm were deposited on Si (111) substrate. The spectra of ferromagnetic resonance were obtained at room temperature with an external saturating magnetic field directed perpendicular to the array plane. The theoretical approach, which allows to describe standing spin wave modes both in perpendicular magnetized regular prisms and in close to prisms truncated pyramids, was developed. Theoretically calculated resonance fields for the observed modes are in a good correlation with the experiment.
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