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Direct observation of spin-wave focusing by a Fresnel lens

Obszar badań: Spin waves and interactions Rok: 2020
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł Słowa kluczowe: spin waves, diffraction, fresnel lens
Czasopismo: Phys. Rev. B Wolumin: 102
Strony: 024420
Spin waves are discussed as promising information carrier for beyond complementary metal-oxide semiconductor data processing. One major challenge is guiding and steering of spin waves in a uniform film. Here, we explore the use of diffractive optics for these tasks by nanoscale real-space imaging using x-ray microscopy and careful analysis with micromagnetic simulations. We discuss the properties of the focused caustic beams that are generated by a Fresnel-type zone plate and demonstrate control and steering of the focal spot. Thus, we present a steerable and intense nanometer-sized spin-wave source. Potentially, this could be used to selectively illuminate magnonic devices like nano-oscillators.
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