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A simple Mie-resonator based meta-array with diverse deflection scenarios enabling multifunctional operation at near-infrared

Obszar badań: Plasmonics and photonics Rok: 2020
Rodzaj publikacji: Artykuł
Czasopismo: Nanophotonics Wolumin: 9
Number: 15 Strony: 4589-4600
Miesiąc: September
ISSN: 2192-8614
textlesssection class="abstract"textgreatertextlessh2 class="abstractTitle text-title my-1" id="d181e2"textgreaterAbstracttextless/h2textgreatertextlessptextgreaterDeflection, a basic functionality of wavefront manipulation is usually associated with the phase-gradient metasurfaces and the classical blazed gratings. We numerically and experimentally demonstrate an unusually wideband and simultaneously wide-angle deflection achieved at near-infrared in reflection mode for a periodic (nongradient), ultrathin meta-array comprising only one silicon nanorod (Mie resonator) per period. It occurs in the range where only the first negative diffraction order and zero order may propagate. Deflection serves as the enabler for multifunctional operation. Being designed with the main goal to obtain ultra-wideband and wide-angle deflection, the proposed meta-array is also capable in spatial filtering and wide-angle splitting. Spatial filtering of various types can be obtained in one structure by exploiting either deflection in nonzero diffraction orders, or the specular-reflection (zero-order) regime. Thus, the role of different diffraction orders is clarified. Moreover, textlessemtextgreaterontextless/emtextgreater–textlessemtextgreaterofftextless/emtextgreater switching of deflection and related functionalities is possible by changing polarization state of the incident wave. The suggested device is simple to fabricate and only requires cost-effective materials, so it is particularly appropriate for the large-area fabrication using nanoprint lithography. Ultra-wideband wide-angle and other deflection scenarios, along with the other functionalities, are promising for applications in optical communications, laser optics, sensing, detection, and imaging.textless/ptextgreatertextless/sectiontextgreater
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