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  • Magnonics

    Magnonic (quasi)crystals are magnetic structures which geometrical or internal properties vary (quasi)periodically in space. We investigate dynamics of magnetic moments, i.e. spin waves in that structures. Spin waves can transport information with the gigahertz and sub-terahertz frequencies and at nanoscale, which make them very attractive alternative to photonics and electronics for technological applications.

  • Spin waves and interactions

    This research topic is devoted to phenomena that may be essential for technology development. It is crucial to design effective devices for spin wave generation, propagation and transduction. For that purpose we try different approaches to generate spin wave beams and we investigate the phenomena of spin wave reflection, transmission, damping and spin wave refraction in nonuniform magnetic field. It is also our goal to consider coupling between spin waves and other waves, i.e. acoustic waves and electromagnetic waves in periodic structures.

  • Plasmonics and photonics

    Meta-materials are artificially designed and engineered 3D structures. They can perform those functionality which can not be implemented by the materials which exist in nature. Researchers have found interesting applications of meta-materials at near IR and visible spectrum. However, it is difficult to fabricate these 3D structures at nanoscale level. A new concept of metasurface is game changer which is two-dimensional but equivalent to 3D meta-materials. It provides a practical solution for near IR and visible wavelength. In our group, we explore metasurface-based structure for ultra-thin high-resolution display devices, lens etc. The images below show high-resolution all-dielectric color filters based on such metasurface.

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